Custom features for my website

A website's features cater to the individual or business that it represents. Depending on the type of content your website holds, you may have a specific preference as to how it should be presented. Perhaps your whole website displays text with the occasional image here and there &ndash but there could be a particular page that needs to do more than just that. Below are some of the many ways to make your website interactive.


Flash is a software originally meant for animation but has tons of other practical uses in web design. Not only does it enable a site to be interactive, but it also provides the flare that some websites lack. The following are a few things Flash can provide:
  • animations
  • music or other audio
  • use of vibrant colors
  • special effects such as fading in and out
  • slideshows that play and stop automatically
  • presentations with start, stop, and pause buttons
  • demos that illustrate a particular task

Examples of Flash:

Move your mouse over the colored areas to see the content change: Hover your mouse over the design to see the colors change:
Click on the design to see the patterns change:

Email form

An email form is a fast and easy way for people to communicate with you. They can fill out the form and hit the submit button, which sends the completed form directly to your email address. Here are some different uses for email forms:
  • contact the business or website owner
  • register for an event
  • provide feedback or comments
  • ask a question
  • complete a survey

Example of an email form: Stylistic Web Design, example of an email form from Four Seasons Hotel

Image Gallery

Some websites contain a lot more images than text. An image gallery is useful for allowing users to browse a large number of images in an organized and efficient manner, like flipping through a photo album. Some advantages of an image gallery are:
  • Users feel at ease since they've most likely used one before
  • All images can appear in one central location
  • Thumbnail images can be used to provide a preview of larger images
  • Next and previous buttons allow users to browse at their own pace
  • Maintenance (such as adding and removing images) takes less time

Examples of image galleries: Stylistic Web Design, example of a photo gallery from Daily Press Stylistic Web Design, example of a photo gallery from Washington Post Stylistic Web Design, example of a photo gallery from BBC